Fiberglass Windows For Your Home

Fiberglass windows resist moisture and the passage of heat and outside noise. The durable material increases the strength and longevity of fiberglass windows, ensuring that they last, on average, 40 years. Added energy efficiency and decreased maintenance make fiberglass windows a great choice for new or replacement windows. At Avana Windows & Doors, our fiberglass window installation provides comfort and beauty to your Houston home.

Advantages of Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are highly beneficial. From the strength and durability, energy efficiency and longevity, fiberglass windows could be the right fit for your Houston home.

  • Recyclable
    • Fiberglass windows are made up of 60% recyclable glass, which makes them a smart product for your home and the environment.
  • Strength and durability
    • Due to increased strength, fiberglass windows won’t rot or corrode and they are less likely to warp or contract under harsh weather conditions. They aren’t susceptible to extreme temperatures, which is a great benefit for those living in the Texas heat.
  • Heat conductor
    • Fiberglass windows resist heat from passing through. This means that the heat stays outside during the summer and inside during the winter. This makes them more energy-efficient and helps save on utility bills.
  • Variety
    • Choose from several colors, style or frame options. Fiberglass windows are offered in smooth or clad exterior finishes.
  • Increased longevity
    • Fiberglass windows can last 40 years, sometimes even longer, providing added beauty to your home for years to come.
  • Little to no maintenance
    • Fiberglass windows require very little maintenance. Simple wipe downs every now and then will have your windows looking brand new.
  • Noise reduction
    • With advanced soundproofing, fiberglass windows help to keep the noise out.

Fiberglass Window Brands

At Avana Windows & Doors, our Pella partner creates the highest-quality fiberglass windows and we provide the highest-quality installation.

  • Pella - Pella® Impervia® has excellent durability and performance and exceptional energy efficiency. With a multitude of colors, glass options and styles, it is the best choice on the market for fiberglass windows.


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