Replacement Window Materials

Quality Replacement Window Materials For Your Home

Are you looking for top-quality replacement window materials to install in your home? Then look no further than Avana Windows & Doors. We are the leading window and door installation company in Houston, Dallas and Corpus Christi, Texas. We offer a variety of window brands and materials to choose from. From wood clad, vinyl, fiberglass, to composite windows and much more. Avana Windows & Doors has exactly what you are looking for. Reach out to our window specialists today for more information.

Wood Clad Windows

An evergreen classic, the strong, sturdy wood window contributes an irreplaceable warm aesthetic to all interiors. We offer a wide variety of handcrafted wood windows engineered with longevity and durability at the foundation. Our wood selection consists of various options in colors and designs suitable for any home. Have a look at our selection and you’re sure to find the perfect type for your home.

Vinyl Windows

Save on energy costs without sacrificing the style you want. Our selection of vinyl windows contains the strength of sturdy wood but in the form of fortified vinyl clad. With double the protection, our vinyl windows contain both durability and style within one energy-efficient solution at a quality that far surpasses our competitors. Exercising the ability to keep the heat in and the cold out is a nice luxury when you know all that it entails, take a look at our selection and explore the various benefits for your home.

Fiberglass Windows

Tired of fighting window mold? Fiberglass was made to resist moisture along with many of the side effects that come with being surrounded by water. This long-lasting material is known for its high resistance to humidity, giving it the ability to withstand corrosion. With its noise reduction abilities, this material offers a number of benefits far beyond its tailored design and high-grade structure.

Composite Windows

Rather than have to choose which feature is the window feature you need most, combine all of them into one. We ensure that our composite window selection affords our customers the ability to adapt various benefits in their window of choice. Made with various materials, composite windows offer various features that wood, vinyl, and fiberglass contain like energy efficiency, high-resistance to rust, impact resistance and much more.

Aluminum Windows

Window washing is a thing of the past with our aluminum selection. This material offers minimal maintenance, strong cladding, and is highly versatile in design. A great selection for both commercial and residential buildings, aluminum windows are extremely durable and are acknowledged for their longevity among such low maintenance. With the various styles that we offer, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your needs.

Double Casement Windows

Double casement windows are referred to as French casement windows this is because they resemblance French doors. French doors open up a particular way and double casement windows operate similarly. The right window is hinged on the right while the left has a hinge on the left side. Double casement windows are an extremely attractive option for big windows with incredible views!

Awning Windows

Awning windows are an extremely popular option because of their versatile nature. They have been around for hundreds of years without too much change. Earlier versions of awning windows were pushed out & held in place with a simple arm. However, awning windows are more complex today. This window type uses hand cranks to open and close, locks, & many features for energy efficiency.

French Casement Windows

French casement windows naturally push out and extend beyond the envelope of the home. These windows consist of two casement windows, side-by-side that will open out from the very center and don't have a vertical post between windows. French casement windows are energy efficient, have a signature style, and offer more ventilation than other window types.


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