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Andersen Replacement Windows

2018 celebrates Andersen’s 115 years in business! Andersen Windows has grown to become the brand most recognized by homeowners.

From their unique Fibrex composite frame windows to the ultimate design of their Architectural series; Andersen has a window for every home type and aesthetic design.

Andersen windows and doors sets higher standards than any other brand in the industry. As America’s leading window company, they are always pioneering to create better, more advanced products.

Andersen’s variety of window collections and design capabilities can make a homeowner’s project really become a focal point of the home. Choose from picture windows with large open views to classic double hung options with simulated divided lites for grille options. Whatever the style you are trying to achieve, Andersen provides a beautiful solution.

Andersen creates long-lasting products to not only help you re-envision your home’s window and door possibilities, but to provide peace of mind knowing your new windows and doors are backed by a solid warranty from a long standing company.

Andersen has created a multitude of window materials that are available to our customers.



These different material options provide customizable solutions, depending on the weather conditions and the environment that you live in. Andersen has created different lines of windows based on these varying frame materials so that you can choose the appropriate type and style for your home.




Avana Windows and Doors is proud to offer this brand as a top choice for homeowners in the Houston, Dallas and Corpus Christi areas. To learn more about Andersen’s window and door options, schedule a free in- home consultation with one of our experts at Avana today.

Jeld Wen Replacement Windows

JELD-WEN began in 1960, and is one of the world’s largest door and window manufacturers in the world. JELD-WEN owns 117 manufacturing facilities in 19 countries located primarily in North America, Europe and Australia. JELD-WEN offers an extensive range of interior and exterior doors, wood, vinyl and aluminum windows.

JELD-WEN has more variety of products than almost any other window manufacturer. JELD-WEN has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 1998 and offers the most advanced technology for energy efficient windows and doors.

Some of the window lines offered by JELD-WEN are:

Siteline® Wood
W-2500 Wood
Builders Vinyl (V-2500)
Premium Aluminum (A-500) DF® Hybrid

Custom Wood
PremiumTM Vinyl (V-4500)
W-4500 Wood
Premium Atlantic Vinyl
Builders Atlantic Aluminum

From high performance and low maintenance options such as the Premium Vinyl line to traditional, beautifully crafted wood windows like the Siteline Wood-Clad, JELD-WEN offers a style for every home. This world-wide company continues to strive for above-average performance and unique designs, rasing the bar for innovative style, colors and variety.

Avana Windows and Doors offers this brand due to its beautiful product lines, its multitude of options, and diverse styles. Contact us today to speak with someone and schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our experts to see how JELD-WEN can be a solution for your window or door project.

Pella Replacement Windows

Since 1925, Pella has been a leader in the window and door industry with a unique focus on innovation, and technology. Pella owns over 150 patents in both design and varying product features. The window lines are truly stunning, and have a multitude of features and benefits for every home. From blinds between the glass, to roll-up blinds that disappear, Pella has truly made their windows and doors user- friendly and practical. Not only does Pella have unique features in design, but their energy efficiency is top-rated.

Pella provides thermal and water management solutions on every product that has proven to provide energy efficiency and performance throughout the life of the product. Pella products will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR requirements in all 50 states, providing comfort and peace of mind to the homeowner. Each window product is thoroughly tested in order to withstand the test of time.

Pella offers an array of design and size options for every home, whether traditional or contemporary, allowing for very customizable windows. From exceptional vinyl products to wood-clad options such as the Architectural Series, Pella provides more functionality and style than most other brands. The different window lines also come with a multitude of frame color options, grid options and even wood grain options and stains which provide elegance, and fine detail to any project.

Pella provides the following material options in order to accommodate different environments:



Avana Windows and Doors is proud to offer the Pella brand to our customers in Houston and Corpus Christi as a top choice for appearance, performance and durability, function and style. Call Avana today to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our experts to learn more about the Pella brand.

Simonton Replacement Windows

Simonton windows have been recognized as one of the most reliable window products on the market today. Recognition of the Simonton brand extends from J. D. Power to Consumer Reports for its high quality and customer satisfaction. This 70 year old company has as focus on innovation, weather resistance, and energy efficiency that ranks one of the best in the industry. These hybrid-frame windows are built like a frame within a frame using strong metal structural support inside. Simonton is one of the best built windows available and one of Avana’s favorite products to work with.

A long-standing ENERGY STAR partner, Simonton is known for developing windows and doors for extreme weather conditions such as stormy coastal conditions, extremely hot and extremely cold environments. Simonton provides one of the most comfortable, best performing products for homeowners today.

Simonton windows and doors offer a wide array of customizable options – from creative frame colors to beautiful woodgrain interiors and custom grid patterns and hardware to fit any home style. Window styles are made to be functional and practical, while providing ease of use and reliability.

Some of the window types available are:

Double Hung windows
Casement windows
Picture Windows

Single Hung windows
Sliding windows
Specialty Shapes

Avana Windows and Doors offers Simonton products in the Houston and Corpus Christi areas. Call today and schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our window and door experts to learn more about the Simonton line of windows and doors.


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