Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows

Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows

vinyl vs fiberglass windows san antonio

Are you wondering about the differences in vinyl vs fiberglass windows? Look no further! Windows are an important part of any home. Although simple in concept, there are a lot of different window options, from different sizes to different materials. Two of the most popular types of windows for homeowners are vinyl and fiberglass windows—but what are they exactly, and which window seems best? Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors to learn about the pros and cons of both windows.

Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows: The Truth

The Differences

Vinyl windows are a popular window type that emerged in the 1990s. The window is made up of PVC, which is a type of plastic and requires little maintenance. Fiberglass windows, on the other hand, are made up of polyester and can be made into any size, but shapes are a challenge and may have to default to a matching alternative. Both vinyl and fiberglass windows are strong, water-resistant, and easy to maintain in comparison to traditional wood windows. Wood windows require much more maintenance to prevent paint chipping and dirt accumulation


While both vinyl and fiberglass windows are considerably cheaper than traditional wood windows, vinyl windows are slightly more affordable than fiberglass. On average, standard vinyl windows are ten to thirty percent cheaper than fiberglass. Although this might be a small percentage, affordability goes a long way, especially when doing a large remodeling project. Window installation services, such as Avana Windows & Doors, offers a wide selection of windows at great prices for any homeowner interested in remodeling.

Strength and stability

Although fiberglass windows are slightly more expensive, fiberglass is much more durable and stronger than vinyl windows. Even though both windows are made up of plastic, fiberglass windows are reinforced with glass fibers, making it much more durable and heat resistant. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are not nearly as strong and can have the frame warped by the sun on hot summer days. Fiberglass windows also tend to last longer than vinyl. Both types of windows, however, do not provide any structural support of any kind. Call us today to learn more about the vinyl vs fiberglass window options that we have available for your home. 281-853-8349

Energy efficiency

Both fiberglass and vinyl are very good insulators and have good temperature control, but fiberglass windows are more energy-efficient—about 15% more efficient than vinyl windows. Fiberglass windows are also more eco-friendly as they are made from recycled glass and don’t release harmful fumes if melted. Vinyl, on the other hand, releases harmful fumes during production and in a fire.

Window installation

Windows are not the easiest DIY project for the typical home. If a power drill, hammer, and tape measure are handy and you know how to remove a window, then you may be able to install vinyl windows all on your own. However, fiberglass windows are a different story—fiberglass requires great precision, as the windows are specifically made and the frame is very rigid.

Some fiberglass companies are hesitant to sell directly to homeowners and can void the warranty if installed by non-approved contractors such as the average homeowner. While expert window installation services are recommended for any type of window replacement, it is even more crucial for fiberglass windows. Fortunately, window installation experts at Avana Windows & Doors offer free in-home consultations as well as free estimates and quotes. We have a large selection of window brands that you can choose from.

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If you have any questions about window installation and its pricing, Avana Windows & Doors is ready to help. Family owned and operated since 2005, Avana Windows prides itself with a selection of reputable brands, excellent customer care, and careful and reliable installation done by industry-leading professionals. To request a free consultation and quote, contact us today. For more about vinyl vs fiberglass windows and related content, visit our blog.

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