The Benefits of Replacement Windows for Each Season

The Benefits of Replacement Windows for Each Season

window replacements for the seasons

As the seasons change, it’s easy to wonder about the effects the fluctuating weather has on our homes. From heat to cold, rain to shine, ice to hail, all these different elements can have adverse consequences on our doors, plumbing, and our windows, especially when we’re considering replacing them.

But one question that remains is when is it the best time to replace your windows? Is it better to replace your windows in the heat or the snow? How do you know when it’s time to replace your windows? Here’s everything you need to know. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors for the inside scoop.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Before deciding what season or weather is best to change your windows, it’s important to go over the signs of window replacement. Perhaps the most evident sign of needing a window replacement is an unexplained jump in energy bills. Windows that have weak seals or are aged often allow inside air to leak and allow outside air into your home. This makes your air conditioning or heater work harder to maintain the temperature.

Another sign is if there is visible moisture or water on the inside of your windows, or if your windows are drafty and noisy, which means they aren’t working as well. If you have difficulty opening or closing your windows, it also may be time. Window replacement doesn’t always have to deal with broken windows; if you’re tired of how your windows look, or simply want to upgrade them, that’s more than enough reason to replace your windows.

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Winter Window Replacements

Winter is a time where drafty windows come into view, in comparison with summer when it is not nearly as windy. You’ll easily know if your windows are bringing in cold air or are noisy thanks to the cold air. One common worry about window replacement in the wintertime is that the home will lose heat and become incredibly cold. Therefore, companies like Avana Windows & Doors are considerate of your home and try their best to work efficiently and cohesively to minimize exposure while replacing windows. It’s the little details that make all the difference.

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Springtime Reset with New Windows

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While the temperatures are much more bearable in the springtime, it is also the start of window installation season. As the season goes on, it’s good to try to plan out a time in advance to get your windows replaced to ensure a spot. One option to consider is using energy-efficient windows that lower energy costs, saving you money as the summer comes. Spring also means longer days, which could allow the window replacement project to finish faster in comparison to the shorter days of winter.

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Summer is a Great Time to Replace Windows in Your Home

As summer brings in the heat, it also brings the peak of window installation season. It’s best to try to call as early as possible to schedule a visit, as the wait time can be lengthy. A considerable time to get your windows replaced is in July when many families go on vacations and are preparing for back-to-school. While you don’t have to worry about any cold air coming into your home, there is a possibility for mosquitos and other insects to come inside, which can be a nuisance. The heat of the summer also helps caulk adhere, giving you the tightest possible seal. This can help extend the life of your windows, as the seal is often the first piece of the window to fail. To get an estimate, contact us today.

Autumn, Update Your Old Windows

As the weather gets cooler, it may be more noticeable than your windows need repairs. The moisture, as well as drafts, become particularly annoying during this time, as they begin to also increase your energy bills. With the upcoming winter, some companies may see a slight uptick in service requests. This is also why it’s important to try to schedule early to avoid hassles. As the weather gets colder, more moisture can be brought into your home, disrupting energy, mildew, and even mold.

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Anytime Window Replacements in Texas

Regardless of what season it is, it is crucial to get your windows replaced whenever signs of breakage begin to show. While getting your windows replaced in a particular season can have its benefits, it is more essential to begin the job as quickly as possible. Poor windows can cause energy bills to rise, fungi into your home, and cause nuisances to you and your family. The quicker the project is done, the fewer headaches it will cause later on.

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Hire a Professional Window Replacement Company

When it comes to window replacements, it’s best to call a professional with years of experience, such as Avana Windows & Doors, instead of doing it yourself. Window replacement uses a lot of specialized tools that require certification and training. For years, Avana Windows & Doors has been proud to lead the southeast Texas area in excellence, efficiency, and quality. With a highly trained and dedicated staff, you can be sure that the job will get done the first time, the right way. We serve the following areas:


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