Signs its Time to Replace Your Windows

Signs its Time to Replace Your Windows

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If you’re wondering whether or not to get new windows, the answer is probably yes, you should—the benefits of new windows generally outweigh the cons, as new windows can increase your property value, make your home stand out, and much more. As homeowners, it is easy to forget how important windows are for your home, as you can’t live in a house without them. So, what are the pros of replacing your windows in your home? Read on to find out. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors for the inside scoop!

Window Age

One of the main factors to consider before replacing your windows is how old they are. On average, windows tend to last around 15 to 20 years if they have undergone consistent maintenance. Without any care, windows could deteriorate even faster. If you aren’t sure when your windows were replaced last, there are some general guidelines to look out for and follow to see if your windows need replacement.

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Perhaps one of the biggest signs that you need new windows is if your windows bring in a draft. Drafts are somewhat noisy and can cause your windows to rattle occasionally as they are bringing in air. Windows are supposed to be sealed shut, and those that bring in a draft can be a nuisance and cause your energy bills to go up. If your energy bills are higher than usual and you aren’t sure why it may be because of drafty windows. On average, drafty windows can add an extra 10 to 20% increase to your energy bills. No thank you! Take a look at the different window brands that we offer at Avana Windows & Doors.

Warping or Rotting Panes

When was the last time you truly examined your windows, from the outside and inside? If you haven’t, it’s a good idea to go take a peek. What might seem fine inside your home may be a different story outside, like warping of paint or rotting around your windows. Areas of discoloration, bending, or softness can be an indication of warping and rotting windows. This occurs because of the excessive moisture that gets in and around your windows, causing the wood to warp and seals to become undone. Check out the numerous types of windows that we can replace for you!

Condensation and Moisture

Take a good look at your windows when it rains. If you notice a build-up of condensation, it’s time to get new windows. Water can only get inside of your windows if the seals for the window have worn and are ripe for replacement. While it might not seem like a big problem now, moisture eventually causes warping and rotting, which not only look bad but bring down your property value as well.

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Take Climate Into Consideration

Natural elements have a big effect on your windows, but the weather and climate of where you live also matters. Living on the Texas Gulf Coast, where the weather is scorching hot but also excessively wet and humid, can greatly impact your windows. The heat can cause the wood or vinyl (depending on what your windows are made out of) to expand thanks to thermal expansion. The humidity can cause warping and rot as well, at a more accelerated rate. If you would like an estimate, contact us today.

Property Value Increase

As evidence, there are a lot of reasons to replace the windows in your home. Adding new windows increases your home’s curb appeal because new windows create a fresh look to the outside. While replacing windows can get expensive (depending on the materials and type of windows you select), a standard window replacement project increases your home value by ¾ of the amount you spend. In addition to this, new windows help reduce your energy bills each month as they help keep your home temperature regulated. No need to worry about drafts sneaking in or unexpected jumps in your bills. No more seasonal changes, or any water or moisture coming in.

Hire a Window Replacement Company

If you feel your home is ready for a window replacement project, it’s best to call a professional with years of experience and quality service, like Avana Windows & Doors. Avana Windows & Doors has been proud to lead the southeast Texas area in window replacement services for almost twenty years. You can expect our service to be prompt, transparent, and exceptional thanks to our expertly trained staff. It’s the little things that make Avana Windows & Doors stand out. To browse our wide variety of window selections online, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.