Choosing The Perfect Window for Each Room

Choosing The Perfect Window for Each Room

For many homeowners, one of the best creations of the 21st century is the variety of windows available for your home. From different sizes, materials, and purposes, there is an option that is right for your home. But how can you decide what kind of window is good for a particular room with so many options?

What’s right in terms of style and budget? Here’s a guide to help you decide if it’s time to replace your windows and what kind of windows are right for you and your home. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors.

The Signs of Impending Window Replacement

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Before diving into the different types of windows for each room, let’s go ahead and identify the signs your windows need to be changed. One major sign is a huge increase in your energy bills. Over time, the seals alongside the windows begin to lose effectiveness as a result of age and use. This can cause air to slip out of your home, causing your air conditioner or heater to work harder to maintain the same temperature. This can be fixed with energy-efficient windows that are designed to keep your home cool and insulated.

Another sign is if you have a hard time opening and closing your windows due to dust buildup. If your windows show signs of moisture, this can also be an indication of replacement as your frames could be decaying. Lastly, if your windows rattle and bring in a draft, it’s time for a window replacement.

Remember that you don’t always need a reason to replace windows. If you’re not happy with how they look, or simply want a change, that’s more than enough reason to get new windows.

Liven Up Your Living Room

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Your living room is a place of comfort that people gather and connect in. One thing to keep in mind is what direction your living room is facing. Does your living room get natural sunlight? If the sun loves to shine bright, it may be a good idea to get casement windows. These modern windows can be placed alongside each other, are clear of obstructions, and open outward.

Perhaps one of the most popular styles is large combination windows that have a view. These windows are very large and clear to give a great view of the outside. From picture windows to casement windows, these are a couple of options you can mix up to make the perfect set of windows for you.

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If You Can’t Handle the Heat, Replace Kitchen Windows

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An equally important place for windows is in your kitchen. Not only do we eat here, but we create meals and connect in these areas. Most kitchen windows emphasize the focal point of the kitchen, which is usually the kitchen sink. Windows around the kitchen aren’t as common, as some counters are too wide to allow them to be easily opened or closed. The most popular window option is a horizontal sliding window as it’s easier to open and access while also allowing light to come inside. Another option is a casement window that uses a crank. No

matter what window you pick, it’s important to make sure it’s easy to open as proper ventilation in the kitchen is a must. You don’t want too much smoke or heat building up in your kitchen!

Don’t Sleep on These Bedroom Windows

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Your bedroom is a sacred place and should fit every single one of your wants—that goes for your windows, as well. With the advancement in window technology, there’s no reason to have white noise. Newer types of windows are soundproof, which allows for a perfect night’s rest. The best type of windows for your bedroom are ones that match whatever vibe you’re going for.

Looking for natural light to peer through your windows? A casement window may be best. Looking to wake up to a gorgeous view every morning? Picture windows may be better for you. Remember to accommodate your wants into your windows. There are far too many options to not suit your style. The possibilities are truly endless!

Roll With These Bathroom Window Ideas

Last but not least, even your bathroom needs new window ideas. Ventilation is very important, to air out smells and to make sure no mold or mildew accumulates after showers. In addition to various styles, opaque/privacy glass is a common option for bathrooms as it obscures well. If you’re looking for a smaller window, a casement window near the shower may be the best option. What’s important is ventilation and light—a strategically placed window does add privacy.

Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

Picking the right window for your home is tricky. With so many different options, designs, materials, and perks, it can be hard to narrow your choices down. If you’re considering replacing your windows, be sure to go to someone you can trust.

Avana Windows and Doors know the importance of having a highly trained team, a wide selection of windows, and professionalism. When it comes to windows, no team does or knows more than Avana Windows. To schedule a consultation, or to browse our selection of windows, check out our site. Contact us today to book your appointment. Be sure to also visit the blog for the latest news and trends.