Casement vs Double Hung Windows

Casement vs Double Hung Windows

Double Hung vs Casement Windows

What is the big mystery behind casement windows vs double hung windows? First, we’ll walk you through the physical attributes of each window type, then we will cover the pros and cons. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors for the inside scoop on casement vs double hung windows for your home.

1. Double Hung Replacement Windows

The double-hung window moves up & down in a frame. But in most cases, the upper sash is stationary while the lower sash moves up & down. Usually, the upper sash can be moved up and down when needed but it is not necessarily a common function in double-hung windows. This kind of window also has a horizontal bar or meeting rail at the center. Usually, the horizontal bar will be placed at eye level. Ultimately, this may get in the way of your view of the outdoors all dependent on the location of the window.

This multi-purpose window is a classic, traditional style that perfectly complements older model homes. Most people choose double-hung windows in houses with a cottage design or in newer houses that want the resemblance. You can check out other window materials for your home as well.

Benefits of double-hung windows

· More affordable than its counterpart
· Easy to open due to the spring-loaded balance system
· Failure rate is lower than casement replacement windows
· Flexible design goes well with most home styles, especially in older homes
· Accommodates window A/C units
· Low maintenance needed
· Less mechanical failure in single double hung windows
· Lasts longer than other window options


· Difficult to clean the sashes on the outside of the window
· Maybe a little difficult to reach
· Condition may be an issue in the lower sash if it refuses to stay up

Casement Replacement Windows

Casement windows come with a handle that folds down, which makes it easy to open and close. To open the window, simply open the lever lock and rotate the handle. The window will open at a ninety-degree angle and will keep the interior of the home clean from the outside because of the screen.

Typically, these windows are installed in modern homes with a contemporary style design. Casement windows are also popular with ranch style homes. You can contact a window replacement expert for more information.

Benefits of casement windows

· Limit airflow into your home
· Unique look that adds a modern clean style to any contemporary styled home
· No sash that divides the window like with the double-hung option
· Tight seal great for the efficiency of insulation
· Made to stop air leaks when the window is closed
· Great for temperature control by keeping ac and heating inside the home
· Extremely easy windows for closing and opening; ideal for older homeowners that have trouble with windows that get stuck


· Subject to mechanical failure – the crank is usually the first part that fails.
· Cost 10% more when compared to double-hung windows
· May need to install a more expensive specialty unit; basic window a/c units won’t work
· May take some time to open & close casement windows at the same time
· Windows will loosen with time which inevitably lets more air into the home

Choosing Casement Windows VS Double Hung

There are many factors to consider when choosing between casement vs double hung windows. The main benefits of both window types aside are as follow:

1. Cleaning

Modern double hung windows are easy to clean while older double hung windows are going to give you a hard time. Like contemporary double hung windows, casement windows are among the easiest to clean and maintain.

2. Aesthetic

50/50. As far as the aesthetic goes, the choice is subjective, and the design of your home plays a big factor. If you still cannot choose, then try mixing and matching!

3. Durability

Casement windows may weather much faster because they are more exposed to wind and rain once they are open. The double hung window frame reduces their exposure to weather. Ultimately, this means that double hung windows take the cake!

4. Tight seal

Both window types are great choices if tight seals matter to you. Since older double hung windows allow air to easily make its way in the home, you may need to replace them with modern and updated versions. Modern double hung windows won’t let air in your house as easily. On the other hand, casement windows have tight seals whenever they are closed.

5. Energy efficient

The tighter the seal, the more energy-efficient a window will be. Casement windows have an airtight seal when locked, while double-hung windows fit nicely in the window frame, limiting air infiltration.

Contact a Window Replacement Expert

Whether you choose casement windows, double-hung windows, or both, Avana Windows & Doors has you covered. We have a large selection of window options in Houston and Corpus Christi. Contact our team of window replacement specialists to get started on your project right now. Check out other window types for your home. Visit the blog for more.