Window Replacements in Dallas, TX

Window Replacements in Dallas, TX

window replacements in dallas texas

Need window replacements in Dallas, TX? Choose Avana Windows & Doors! Most homeowners can agree that being a homeowner requires a lot of maintenance. Lawns need to be cut, trash needs to be taken out, and floors need to be vacuumed or mopped. This responsibility of maintenance also goes beyond aesthetics, as well: even well-functioning parts of your home need upkeep, such as plumbing, HVACs, and even your windows.

As simple as windows are, they require consistent maintenance to prolong a replacement. Even with constant maintenance, windows can be overwhelming even for the most experienced homeowner. How do you know it’s replacement time? What kind of windows are there? And, perhaps more importantly, am I able to complete this type of project on my own? Here’s everything you need to know.

New Construction or Window Replacements?

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There are two general categories of windows: new construction and replacement windows. New construction windows are designed for brand-new homes undergoing construction. They are designed to be installed in a wall with a new window frame and have nailing fins attached to them. That being said, these new construction windows are only to be used during, well, a new construction.

Once a house is built, any new windows being replaced must be a replacement window, which does not have any nailing fins. While this distinction between new construction and replacement windows may be obvious, it’s important to know as most home improvement stores contain many more new construction windows than replacements. If you’re considering window replacements for your home, it’s crucial to know what different kinds of window replacements there are before buying anything. But how do you know if your window needs replacing? Or which window material or window brand to choose from? Check out our site for more information about the window replacement in Dallas services that we offer.

Signs You Need a Window Replacement

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One sign that a window replacement is needed is if you feel a draft, but your windows are closed. Windows should not bring in any outside air if it is closed and in good shape; feeling a breeze may mean your windows are deteriorating or have broken seals. This allowance of a draft can make your AC and heating work harder than it needs to regulate the temperature in the home, resulting in a bigger energy bill.

This same principle applies to outside noise — if your windows are closed, you shouldn’t be able to hear everything going on outside. Lots of noise leaking in maybe because of faulty seals, which require a window replacement. Other indications include chipping wood or paint along with the window and difficulty opening, closing, or locking the windows.

Types of Replacement Window Materials

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If you’re still considering a window replacement, the next thing to know is the different materials. No window is the same — there are numerous types of materials, colors, and sizes of replacement windows, all for different purposes. For example, there are typical wood-clad windows that come in a variety of different colors and designs. Fiberglass windows are incredibly efficient at keeping out window mold and humidity, as well as noise reduction.

Vinyl windows appear to be made of wood but are actually made of vinyl offering double enforcement that is very energy efficient. A combination of all three — of wood clad, fiberglass, and vinyl windows — are called composite windows, which are customized and include many of the different benefits of each type. For homeowners who enjoy low maintenance, affordability, and durability, aluminum windows are a great choice.

Beyond the materials, there are also different styles. Double casement replacement windows (which open down the middle like double doors), awning windows (that open outward with a crank instead of being slid up and down to open or close), and French casement windows (which open like casement windows but have that French door design).

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Window replacements require a lot of patience, expertise, and time. If you’re considering window replacements for your home, it’s best to call a professional with a large selection of windows as well as top-notch training, like Avana Windows & Doors. Avana Windows & Doors is proud to lead the Dallas area in customer service, skill, and all-things windows for over sixteen years