Single Hung Window Replacements

Single Hung Window Replacements

Although one of the simplest components of any home, all windows are unique and different in their own way. From a multitude of different materials to different colors and designs, it’s important to pick windows that suit you and your home’s needs.

One of the most common types is single-hung windows, which are one of the most popular in the United States. But what are they exactly? Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors for everything you need to know about single-hung windows.

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Everything You Should Know About Single Hung Windows

Basic Windows Parts

Before diving into single-hung windows, it’s important to know the basic parts of a window. The window sits in a frame, which surrounds the entire window. The frame is composed of a head, jamb, and sill. The head is the main horizontal area that forms the top of the window, a jamb is a vertical area that makes up the sides of the window, and the sill is the main horizontal area that holds the bottom of the window.

The part of the window that opens is called the sash, which can slide at an angle or upwards. A single-hung window has two sashes, with only the bottom sash moving up and down to allow air in, and are great window choices for a deck, walkway, porches, or patios. For more information, check out our window materials page.

Less Expensive & Fewer Parts

While many types of windows can be expensive, single-hung windows are primarily less expensive than other types, such as double-hung. With fewer moving parts, single-hung windows are easier to manufacture and are therefore cheaper to buy. Window replacements usually involve replacing multiple windows, which can exponentially increase the total cost.

Energy Efficient

While most windows are energy savers, it’s important to make sure every window is closed after they have been opened. Single-hung windows provide better energy efficiency as they are easier to lock and seal. Double-hung windows have two sashes, which can let in air and result in loss of heating and cooling if one sash is not closed correctly. This is not a concern with single-hung windows, as there is only one sash and one lock and seal.

Limited Ventilation

One of the cons to single-hung windows is one operable sash. With only one sash that can be open, this limits the amount of airflow allowed in, which could pose a nuisance for bathrooms and other areas.

Cleaning Difficulties

In addition to limited ventilation, single-hung windows are more difficult to clean as only one sash can open. This means that the upper sash will not open, requiring homeowners to venture

outside to do it. To clean the outer upper-sash, homeowners must go outside, since the upper sash will not tilt. Be sure you have a method of accessing the outside of your window. If you live in a two-story home or an apartment, it may be difficult to access the exterior.

Need a Single Hung Window Replacement?

Replacing a window may sound like a quick and easy renovation, but that’s not always the case. Window installation requires patience, precision, hardware, and expertise. Windows must be installed properly to ensure they perform up to standard, so it may be best to call a professional. Family-owned and operated, Avana Windows & Doors is proud to offer top-quality materials, exceptional customer service, and unbeatable expertise. For a free estimate or any questions, please contact us today. Find us in Houston, Dallas, and Corpus Christi.