Best Gulf Coast Hurricane Proof Windows for Your Home

Best Gulf Coast Hurricane Proof Windows for Your Home

Hurricane winds

Interested in learning about the best hurricane proof windows to protect your home during the hurricane season? Texans and those living along the Gulf Coast are no strangers to the devastation that hurricanes can bring. We have shown the world that we take care of one another during a catastrophe. In addition to taking care of one another, we must prepare our homes for the worst. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors

Storm Proof Windows for the Hurricane Season

At the first sign of a thunderstorm, you might worry about the conditions of your windows because even in a low-category hurricane, the windows of your home could be destroyed. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the best hurricane windows available to protect your home and everyone in it. It is not a matter of if disaster will strike, but when, so preparation is crucial. 

The Atlantic hurricane season is June 1st to November 30th

According to a study from Colorado State University, there will be 13 tropical storms in 2019, and 5 will become hurricanes. However, according to Accuweather, there are a predicted 7 hurricanes this season. 

Accuweather Predictions
Image from Accuweather

No one wants to believe that this could ever happen to their home, but it is better to safeguard your family in the event that a disaster happens.   

Protect your home before the heavy winds come knocking at your windows

Depending on where you live, you might need to buy special windows. For example, you’ll need Hurricane Windows in Texas or the Gulf Coast regions. There’s a big difference in hurricane windows compared to regular windows. Hurricane Windows are tested for durability to make sure they withstand flying debris and strong winds that regular windows cannot. 

The safest bet is to add heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant glass to make sure that you are protected from your roof and walls collapsing. This gives your home a sturdy structure, so you can sleep soundly. In addition to providing you with protection, there are many other perks to hurricane proof windows as well! Hurricane windows are not only tough, but they’re also efficient. 

Impact Resistant Windows Protect Your Family & Save You Money

Why not select windows that can provide protection during hurricane season, and also provide year-round benefits such as energy efficiency?  

Energy Efficient Windows

  1. Lower Cost on Energy

Your home will be equipped with lower costs on energy which makes it a sound investment that you’re able to save money from. 

2. UV Protection

Not only that, but they also provide you and your family with UV protection.  Now that’s coverage without all of the sticky mess of sunscreen! 

3. Noise Reduction

Do you get tired of hearing all of the sounds outside your home? Hurricane windows provide drastic noise reduction so that your home is a serene space year-round. 


In addition to being protected from storms, you’ll also give intruders a difficult time getting into your home. Now that’s safety! 

5. Easy Installation 

Lastly, hurricane windows are an attractive option because they only require one-time installation

This would make it WAY easier than the inconvenience of shutters. There’s no need to put a shutter on when you hear a hurricane coming, then find that the storm doesn’t make landfall and you have to take them all off again. Your windows are already protected, so you can use that time in more efficient ways. 

Also, Hurricane Windows not only do a good job, but they look nice while doing it

There are many styles to choose from when it comes to hurricane windows. You’ll have the option to select from multiple different types, colors, and materials

Hurricane windows are a sound investment made for safety and comfort, plus they look nice, and save you money!  

It’s a no-brainer. 

Hurricane Window Brands to Look For

Hurricane windows may seem like a costly investment, (at around $40-$55 per square foot) but they are a great investment if you live in a region that is prone to hurricanes or strong winds. 

It’s important to know which brands give you the most bang for your buck. Don’t rely on a contractor to choose for you, be informed on your options. We’ve done the research for you on the best brands of Gulf Coast hurricane windows available. 

1. Jeld-Wen Hurricane Windows

Founded in 1960, they are a global leader in window innovation and reliability. They have received awards such as the ENERGY STAR Manufacturer of the year 2016-2018, and two Innovation Awards from the Home Builder Executive. 

Their Hurricane Window Options include:

  • Premium Atlantic Vinyl (Gulf Coast):
These windows and patio doors, built specifically for the tough climate of the Gulf Coast and Florida, provide the strength, versatility and design options that make JELD-WEN® Premium vinyl a popular choice, and add the safety, sound protection and security of optional ImpactGard® glass. 

Having this protection on your windows would withstand a nine-pound piece of lumber striking your window head-on, plus it would give you safe impact resistance and would protect you against a potential intruder. 

You can see footage of their storm preparedness tips along with their ImpactGard® glass in this video. 

  • Builders Atlantic Aluminum (Florida):
Made specifically for Florida’s tough climate, JELD-WEN® Builders Atlantic™ aluminum windows and patio doors deliver proven, energy-efficient performance, textured and tinted glass options and streamlined design touches for starter homes and multifamily housing.

2. Pella Hurricane Windows

Founded in 1925 by Pete & Lucille Kuyper, who created window screens that would roll up and down, this company believes in American principles and values. They believe in creating quality products that will provide families with the best options for their homes. They have been awarded more than 150 product and design patents as well. 

  •  Hurricane Windows (HurricaneShield): 

The impact-resistant glass used in Pella HurricaneShield windows and patio doors is created by sandwiching an exceptionally strong polymer interlayer between two sheets of glass. 

The interlayer holds the pane of glass together if it’s shattered — preventing damage and injury that can be caused by wind, water, and debris entering your home. They can stand up to the equivalent of a 2-by-4 traveling at 50 feet per second.

Some of the advantages of choosing Pella Hurricane Windows:

  • Added protection against intruders – Pella’s impact-resistant glass helps prevent forced entry — the interlayer cannot be easily penetrated, even if the glass is shattered. 
  • No storm shutters needed – Pella® HurricaneShield® windows and patio doors are on guard even when you’re away. You won’t have to hassle with storm shutters anymore. 
  • Valuable financial benefits – These windows and doors may add equity to your home and could reduce insurance premiums.
  • Lower energy costs – Pella HurricaneShield windows and patio doors offer the energy-efficient options that will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines in all 50 states — meaning more comfort for your home and wallet. 
  • Dramatic noise reduction – Laminated glass helps block outside noise like traffic and lawn mowers, so you’ll enjoy more peace and quiet. 
  • Superior fade protection – Pella’s impact-resistant Low-E insulating glass blocks out nearly 100% of harmful UV rays — to help protect your furniture, carpet and window treatments from fading. 
  • Backed by some of the best warranties in the business – Pella HurricaneShield windows and patio doors are built, sold and serviced by Pella — homeowners have counted on Pella products for more than 85 years.

3) Simonton Hurricane Windows

Founded in 1946, they recognized the need for high-quality, energy-efficient vinyl windows, and created Simonton Windows in 1981. Today, they carry a variety of windows that offer energy savings so that you can not only get peace of mind but save some money too! 

Simonton 5500 Series

The pinnacle of the Reflections line, the 5500 series is set apart by a host of available styles, features and the most advanced glass packages.

Features & Benefits

  • Classic beveled frame design complements any home.
  • Increase energy performance and comfort with standard Low E glass and Argon gas.
  • Custom style with Decorum® exterior color, interior woodgrain and distinctive hardware finish options.
  • Advanced glass options provide maximum efficiency, increase sound dampening and security.
  • Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty with 3-year glass breakage warranty (on 5500 when ordered with double-strength glass).

You can learn more about the Simonton 5500 Series in thisvideo. 

  • The Coast Impact Series will ensure that you are well protected, while also staying stylish. 
  • StormBreaker Plus windows offer the highest level of impact protection. Designed for coastal living, these hurricane proof windows and doors can stand up to just about anything that comes their way.

You can see the conditions their windows can stand up to this video and also in this video.

Some of the advantages of choosing Simonton Hurricane Windows:

  • Impact-resistant KeepSafe Maximum® glass features a durable interlayer that protects the home from flying debris
  • The sound-dampening interlayer provides a 50% sound reduction over standard glass and reduces unwanted outside noise with an STC Rating of 35
  • KeepSafe Maximum glass is an effective barrier against forced entry
  • By filtering up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, KeepSafe Maximum glass reduces damage and fading to your carpet, artwork and family photographs.
  • Energy-efficient glass options
  • Reinforced profiles add strength and durability
  • Tested and certified to meet the AAMA standards for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones, Miami-Dade, and Broward County specifications for the Florida Building Commission and the Texas Department of Insurance evaluation for the Texas Coast

You can see footage on what their windows can withstand in this video. 

4) MI Windows and Doors

MI Windows and Doors has proudly served and distributed to families and businesses for over 70 years. With such expertise and knowledge, MI Windows and Doors has become one of the largest suppliers of vinyl and aluminum windows. Whether it’s replacing, remodeling, or entirely new construction, customers rely on MI to provide them with the protection their home deserves. From packages to independent products, MI is determined to keep your home and your family safe.

  • StormArmor

    – This impact-resistant package keeps all types of damage out, from wind, debris, and water. Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure the performance of StormArmor. Products include vinyl and aluminum windows and doors which have all passed tests at an AAMA-certified testing lab, standing up to rigid requirements for impact-resistance. These products can withstand being struck at speeds over 35 mph without damage to your home, and if anything were to happen, the products are backed by a 10-year warranty. 
  • 185 Single-Hung Window

    – Available in the StormArmor package or on its own, this Single-Hung Window offers peace of mind and protection for you and your family. When disaster strikes, the impact-resistant glass enhanced with low-E and argon has the durability to withstand the toughest conditions. 

Find your next window in MI’s Inspiration Gallery, offering you a complete look of every project. And if you are looking for more information from particular installations, MI has graciously offered some of their own case studies.

Benefits of choosing MI Windows and Doors

  • MI Windows come in a variety of styles guaranteeing that you’ll find the right shape, color, glass, and hardware fit for your home. 
  • Select windows are offered in custom sizes
  • The ENERGY STAR Program is geared to helping individuals and businesses save money and protect the climate. See here for more details on your region and products.
  • With an abundance of Top Sellers and High-Performance hurricane proof windows, your family will feel protected in even the most dangerous conditions
  • MI Windows believes that every project is personal and are able to work under a tight deadline.
MI Windows and Doors

It is a necessity to protect your home from hurricanes if you live in Texas or the Gulf Coast. Plus, you are now informed of the top brands you should equip your home with. 

Your family deserves the very best when it comes to home protection, and you deserve to have a window company that has your safety and security at heart. We want to make sure you are covered whether it is with a new home or replacement windows.  

Our selection of the highest-quality hurricane impact windows provides you with the most reliable protection available. We are the leaders of hurricane windows in Houston, Pasadena, Clear Lake, Galveston County, Brazoria County, and surrounding areas. 

Please contact us today to request an in-home consultation or call us at (832) 432-7930. 

Let us come to your windows before the hard winds do. Ask about our hurricane proof windows, today! For more related content and top news about our hurricane proof windows and doors, visit our blog!