Double Hung Window Replacements

Double Hung Window Replacements

Double-hung windows are, undoubtedly, one of the most popular window styles in America. Their classic design and efficiency are a couple of reasons why they have become more popular for homes across the nation. Learn more about replacement double-hung windows and see how they could be the right fit for you and your house in Houston, Dallas or Corpus Christi, Texas.

Double Hung Windows: Everything You Should Know

1. A Big Variety

As the popularity of double-hung windows skyrocketed, so did the amount of different customizable options for these types of windows. Today, there are tons of different styles, colors, materials—from every color of the rainbow, to wood and vinyl and fiberglass, the possibilities are endless. There is a double-hung window for everyone, no matter the size, material, or color. We offer different window brands at prices you can afford. Contact us today for more information.

2. Remarkable Ventilation

Double-hung windows are much more functional than they appear. These windows have two sashes that open up, controlling airflow with ease. The bottom sash lets in cool air, while the top sash allows hot air to exit the home. This method of air ventilation allows for cool fresh air to enter your home and helps it stay cooler for longer, unlike other windows. Many double-hung windows also have screens to help protect your home from debris and bugs.

3. Easy Maintenance

No matter the type, every window will require maintenance at one point. However, double-hung windows are effortless to maintain due to their tilt-out sashes, which make them much easier to clean the interior and exterior. Some double-hung windows even allow you to remove the entire sash, which makes the maintenance easier. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

4. Energy Efficient

A reason for the massive popularity of double-hung windows is not just for their aesthetics, but because of their energy efficiency. Many windows of the 20th century are not nearly as efficient as the windows of today because they were not made with a focus on energy conservation. Now, almost every type of double-hung window can save your home money on energy bills due to their insulation and the amount of natural light let in.

5. Safely Designed

Unlike other types of windows that crank open widely, double-hung windows tilt out only slightly, making them a much safer option for windows near high traffic areas such as a patio or deck. Not only can you open both sashes easily, but safely, as they would not interfere or hit

anyone walking nearby because of their tilt. Double-hung windows are also a great choice for window AC units, as the window can slide up and down with ease.

6. A Great Price

Even without the energy-efficient additions and other customizations, double-hung windows are known as an economically valuable pick for your home, thanks to their energy efficiency, infrequent and easy maintenance, and safe design. However, not every double-hung window is made the same, and it is best to visit a professional to ensure each of your home’s needs is met.

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