How to Prepare Your Windows For Hurricane Season

How to Prepare Your Windows For Hurricane Season

how to prepare your windows for hurricanes

When it comes to summertime in Houston and the surrounding areas, it’s better to be safe than sorry concerning hurricane season. Just as you would protect yourself and your family by buying food and supplies, you should protect your home in the same manner — especially your windows. But what steps can you take to prevent window damage, and is it effective? Here’s what you need to know about preparing your windows for hurricane season. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors.

Important Steps to Preventing Window Damages

Windows are a delicate yet essential part of your home. Hurricane season not only can bring monumental kinds of flooding and water damage but also flying debris and hail. This isn’t ideal for windows, which are made of glass, as they have the potential to crack, shatter, or leak during these storms.

No matter how old your windows are, it’s best to do some preventive care towards your windows to make sure they are more durable and secure during severe weather. Check out these tips to help prepare you and your windows for hurricanes.

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1. Checking the Seals

Checking the seals around your windows is an easy first step for preventive window care. The life of window seals isn’t long, and checking/replacing the seals should be a part of your annual window maintenance routine. The seals are the material around the perimeter of the window, which guarantees an air-tight fit.

Over time (no matter how much maintenance you’re putting into them), these seals eventually come undone. If you see light or air coming out from the seals, they need to be replaced. Taking care of your window seals will prevent water and air from entering your home, so it’s always best to check your window seals from time to time.

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2. No Need For An ‘X’

A common myth of hurricane season preparedness is taping an ‘X’ in the middle of your windows will prevent breakage. This is partially true. Your window can still break but will instead break off into larger pieces instead of small ones. This can be pretty dangerous, as large, airborne pieces of glass are much more dangerous than small shards. Save your time and effort and skip this technique altogether.

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3. Keep Your Windows Shut Tight

Perhaps another myth of hurricane season preparedness is slightly opening your windows before a storm. This was done to supposedly help relieve pressure and prevent severe damage to your windows during a hurricane, which is not true. Opening the window can actually allow the pressure to build up. A much better option would be to keep your windows fully closed and safely locked. Don’t fall for it!

4. Clear The Way Of Projectiles

Another way to ensure your windows are safe and protected is to remove any immediate objects nearby that could turn into projectiles. This goes for weak tree limbs, branches, outdoor furniture, and more. The fewer items cluttering your patio and yard, the less likely that a projectile will come flying through your window—this logic applies to large, heavier objects as well, such as grills and tables. During hurricanes, winds can ramp up to high speeds, which could easily lift that nice BBQ grill through your windows.

5. Install Some Storm Shutters

One easy option to protect your windows is to install storm shutters. These shutters only need to be pulled out and covered to begin working and do more than a decent job shielding your windows from the elements and debris. These shutters, however, can change the look of your home and should only be installed by a professional, such as Avana Windows and Doors.

6. Putting Plywood is a Good Option

If you want to cover your windows in a more proactive way, plywood may be the way to go. Plywood provides a sturdy cover that is a lot harder to penetrate than glass. The best way to put up plywood is to nail it firmly into the windowpane, which requires sturdy nails and tools to make sure the plywood is installed correctly. This type of care isn’t quick, so if you’re considering putting plywood, be sure to allow plenty of time.

7. Installing Protective Storm Windows

If all else fails, or if you really want to make sure your windows are safe, the best method is to install hurricane windows. These windows are made to handle rain, debris, and strong winds, all without impacting the look of your home. Hurricane windows are special and require expert installation from a company you can trust. If hurricane windows aren’t installed properly, they aren’t nearly as protective.

Calling A Local Window Expert

The worst thing about hurricane season is how unpredictable it is. As much as we try, no one can predict the future. This is why as homeowners, we try our best to be proactive and prevent disaster before it strikes. To truly prepare your windows and home for hurricane season, it may be best to call a professional with years of experience, such as Avana Windows and Doors. Since 2005, Avana Windows and Doors have been proud to lead Texas in quality of service, expertise, and value. Contact us today.