Casement Windows Replacements

Casement Windows Replacements

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Considering casement window replacements for your home? Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors to learn about the pros and cons. Just like how every home is different and unique, windows are just as diverse. No two windows are made the same, as each design has its functionality, benefits, and cons. It’s important to know each type of window, such as casement windows, to ensure that you have the best possible room for your home. Here’s everything you need to know about casement windows, what they are, and their pros and cons.

Replacement Casement Windows Explained

Unlike other windows, casement windows are a little different and don’t move up and down—instead, they are hinged on one side and require a crank to open outward to the left or the right side. They are commonly used either singularly or in a pair, and usually open at a 90-degree angle, allowing the top to bottom ventilation unlike other windows, which typically have only bottom ventilation. Casement windows can open either to the left or right, depending on you and your home’s needs.

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Opened by a crank, casement windows are ideal to place above a kitchen sink, as they do not require reaching over the sink and pulling up or down. Casement windows also have a distinct design as they do not have an obstructing bar in the middle of the window, adding a modern touch and a full, unobstructed view. With options between opening either left or right as well as the ability to match the window screens with the interior of the window, casement windows create a different, uniform look that differs from other types of window designs.

In addition to the clean look, casement windows also offer one of the best insulations and no air leaks, as all corners of the sash close firmly into the frame. This airtight insulation helps keep your home cool or warm, effectively keeping your home energy efficient and saves money on energy bills. Since casement windows tilt, they are among some of the easiest windows to clean.

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Although casement windows have their benefits, they can’t accommodate everything. Since casement windows open at an angle and to the side, these windows are unusable with window air condition units. Casement windows also have more gears and therefore create a risk of mechanical failure, as these cranks can break with lower-end brand options.

They are also more prone to being weathered, as they stick outward, and require consistent cleaning and maintenance to ensure durability. At Avana Windows & Doors we only offer the best, most reliable, and well-trusted brands for casement options in order to reduce any mechanical failures.

Are Casement Windows Right For You?

While casement windows have their pros and cons, it’s important to choose the right types of windows that are best for you and your home. Window replacement can be intimidating and overwhelming, as not all windows are made or installed the same, so it’s best to call professionals, like Avana Windows & Doors. Family owned and operated for over a decade, Avana Windows & Doors is proud to lead the Houston, Corpus Christi, and Dallas areas in expertise, customer service, and product availability. For a free estimate or any questions, please visit our website!