Awning vs. Sliding Windows

Awning vs. Sliding Windows: Which is Best for Your Home?

When it comes to your home, not all windows are the same. With so many different window options that all have a range of pros and cons, it may be overwhelming to decide which type of window is best for you and your home. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors to learn the differences between awning vs sliding windows. 

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Awning Windows Explained

Awning windows are a classic type that is hinged at the top and open outward using a crank, providing an awning whenever they are open. Most popular in modern homes, the awning window is quickly becoming one of the most popular window types for new homeowners due to its classic design and unobstructed view.   

The Awning Windows Pros and Cons

With nice views and an airtight seal, awning windows are perfect for optimal sunlight and reducing energy costs. Each awning window opens at a 45-degree angle, creating a temporary awning when opened. This design provides fresh air and can even be opened during rain. These windows can be placed in hard-to-reach areas as they are small and allow ventilation and natural sunlight. Awning windows are also weatherproof! 

Unfortunately, since the awning window opens outward at an angle, these windows are not particularly ideal in areas with high traffic, such as near a patio or deck, as it can be easy to run into them. Awning windows are also not a good emergency exit, as they do not fully open all the way. Lastly, awning windows may require more cleaning and maintenance than other windows types. Need help choosing between Awning vs. Sliding Windows? Ask our window replacement professionals for assistance! We are here to guide you.

Sliding Windows Explained

Sliding windows are a bit different and open by sliding horizontally from one side to the other. These windows are typically seen in contemporary homes and are undoubtedly one of the most popular and long-lasting windows for your home. Thanks to its simple design, the sliding window type is a common pick for basements or other areas of the home with short walls.  

The Sliding Window: Pros and Cons

Unlike the awning window, sliding windows require no crank and are easy to open. With its incredibly simple design, they typically outlast other window types. These windows also provide lots of natural light and air ventilation and are most ideal for rooms with smaller walls or even basements.  

Although the window is easy to open thanks to its sliding track, it also means they are much more difficult to weatherproof and rattle more often in wind and storms. Without a proper, airtight seal, these windows can lead to higher energy bills as they are not the most energy-efficient. It is crucial the sliding track stays clean of dust and other debris that can prevent the window from sliding open. Looking for a consultation? Avana Windows & Doors is here to help!

Which Window is Right for You?

Even with the pros and cons written out, it can be difficult to make a decision on what window is right for you. There’s no need to panic! If you’re still indecisive and can’t choose, it may be time to call a professional, like Avana Windows & Doors. Since 2005, we have been proudly providing expertise and high-quality craftsmanship to the greater Houston and Corpus Christi areas.

With free estimates and outstanding customer service, it’s never been easier to get the quality help you and your home deserves. To browse our large selection of windows or for any questions, please reach out to our team. For more information about awning vs. sliding windows and other related content, visit our blog.

Will Replacing Windows Increase Home Value?

will replacing windows increase home value

Will Replacing Windows in Your Home Increase Property Value?

When homeowners think of renovations, the usual options that come to mind are repainting, redecorating, or expanding. Most renovations are to improve the home’s aesthetic, no doubt, but do they increase its value? While some renovations are purely cosmetic, some projects are guaranteed to bring a return on investment—like window replacement. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors to find out if replacing windows in your home will increase your property value!

1. More than Meets the Eye

Windows are an essential part of each home and are often overlooked as a worthwhile investment. Although many of them look the same, each type of window brings something different to your home. Old windows that were originally built with a home can appear functional but could bring in water, bugs, and let out heating and cooling.

Replacing your windows can help solve these issues while also being a great investment. Take your home design to the next level with these top window brands. Avana Windows & Doors specializes in window replacements and offers a variety of window materials to choose from.  

2. Energy Efficiency & Your Wallet

With the development of new technologies, the old windows of the 1960s have changed tremendously. Many new windows are designed to be energy efficient; some containing solar and UV blockers to keep your home cooler while stopping UV rays from harming both you and your furniture. 

Contemporary advancements in window technology help homeowners save money on energy costs as they are well insulated and help your air conditioner not overwork itself. If you are interested in energy-efficient window replacements for your home, reach out to our team of window experts today.  

3. No Easy Breakage

Not only can replacing your windows help save on energy, but they can also help protect your home from debris. Hurricanes and storms are a common occurrence for many homeowners, and older windows can easily break when hit with storm debris, like broken tree branches, and from strong winds. Impact-resistance windows can help protect your home from these dangerous storms and can also help protect against intruders as the glass is stronger and difficult to break than normal, older windows.

Not only can you have more peace of mind during a heavy storm, but you can also feel safer in the comfort of your own home. Can’t decide which windows are for you? Don’t worry. Reaching out to professionals, such as Avana Windows & Doors, can help streamline the window replacement process and bring you peace of mind. To get an estimate on your project, contact us today. 

4. A Fresh Start

Are you looking to spice up the exterior of your home? New windows can also give a fresh look by making it appear more updated and renovated, as well as bring in natural light and highlight certain features. Windows can add character and architectural interest to the most basic home, helping it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Replacing windows in your home is the perfect way to modernize your space and improve your design!

What’s the Verdict? Will Replacing Windows Increase Home Value? 

It’s evident that window replacement not only adds value to the home but can also protect it from burglary and natural elements. It’s a win-win situation. 

Proudly serving Corpus Christi and Houston, Texas for almost twenty years, Avana Windows is known for its excellent customer service, unparalleled expertise, and a large selection of products. If you’re interested in window replacements for your home, have any questions, or would like to browse, Avana Windows & Doors is here for you. For the latest news and trends, check out our blog

How to Clean Double Hung Windows

Interested in learning how to clean double hung windows in your home? Windows are undoubtedly an essential aspect of every home—they bring in light, air, and character. To keep your windows in tip-top shape, it is important to make sure they are properly cleaned and maintained. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors for some tips on how to clean double hung windows and keep them looking their best!

What are double-hung windows?

Double-hung windows are windows that have two sashes that can move up and down, allowing better ventilation. Both sashes can open, in comparison to a single hung window, which allows only one sash to open as the top sash is fixed.

Depending on the type of double-hung window, some allow the sashes to be opened diagonally to be cleaned and have more customization. If you are interested in these windows or have any questions, Avana Windows & Doors has a great window selection to choose from.

Basic Cleaning Materials:

To ensure a streak and dust-free shine, it is best to use liquid cleaners designed for windows, such as Windex. Try to avoid cleaners with too much ammonia and alcohol, since these chemicals can cause streaks and can collect dust with time.

Cleaners also work best with either a paper towel or a microfiber cloth. If apprehensive of using a commercial cleaner, you can create a homemade window cleaner using distilled vinegar. For a deeper clean, you’ll need a dry brush, soap, and water.

  • Windex
  • Microfiber Cloth or Paper Towel
  • Dry Brush
  • Soap and Water

Unlocking the Windows

Start by unlocking and raising the lower sash by a few inches. Then unlock the tilt latches until you hear a click to bring the window out towards the interior. The window should be at a 90-degree angle.

Make sure to tilt the window slowly and do not over tilt the glass as this can damage the window. Repeat these steps with the top sash bringing it down until the top of the sash is reachable. Unlock the tilt latches, and slowly tilt the window.

Let the Cleaning Begin

Once both sashes are tilted and accessible, begin by cleaning the exterior top sash glass with a window cleaner of your choice and a towel or cloth. Once finished, slide the sash back into place and clean the interior top sash glass. Then, lift and rotate the sash back into place.

Starting with the exterior glass once again, begin cleaning the lower sash. Place the sash back into place like with the top sash and then clean the interior glass of the lower sash. Finally, close and lock the windows.

A Deeper Clean

If a streak-free shine isn’t clean enough, you can use a dry brush to clean debris and any dust out of the track to help ensure the window can slide back into place with ease. If the dry brush doesn’t remove dirt, soapy water should do the trick. 

Maintaining Your Windows

Windows require love and care, and the more care you put into them, the longer they will last. When cleaning your windows, be sure to inspect for any damages, such as cracked and chipped paint, cracks in the sealant, or leaks. If you notice any issues, it’s best to contact a professional to repair them.

For fifteen years, Avana Windows & Doors has provided Texans with the best selection of products, outstanding customer service, and unparalleled expertise and quality. For any questions, curiosity, or even a free consultation, visit We’re just a click away! Check out our blog for more. For comments, questions, or concerns, contact us today.

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How to Remove Aluminum Windows

Interested in learning how to remove aluminum windows in your home? While replacing windows may seem like an easy job, no two window replacements are the same. Replacing aluminum windows can be difficult to DIY for a first-time homeowner, but it still can be done on your own with just a few tools, patience, and safety goggles.

Learn How to Remove Aluminum Windows in Your Home

Here’s some help on how to remove aluminum windows in your home. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors!

1. Tools You Will Need:

You’ll need a pry bar and a screwdriver. You may need some insulation, a reciprocating saw, and a brick veneer to seal the new window after replacing the old one. Remember that removing a window isn’t easy and can be dangerous.

For removing any second-story windows, a ladder will be needed. Safety goggles are also encouraged to protect your eyes from any potential glass breaking. If you need any assistance, Avana Windows & Doors offers free estimates and quotes and have over ten years of window expertise.

2. Goodbye, Trim and Window Screens

First thing first: starting from the outside, remove any trim and screens, as well as any screws. You can keep the trim to reuse for the new window later on. Then remove the sliding windows and put them off to the side.

3. Stops and Sash Removal Time

Going back inside, begin the process of removing the aluminum stops from the unit. This may be easier to do with a reciprocating saw but be careful! After the stops are removed, go ahead and remove the sash as well.

4. Remove the Jamb

Using the reciprocating saw, a hammer and screwdriver, or prybar, begin removing the jamb. You can either crosscut the jamb with the saw or use the hammer and screwdriver or prybar to slide out the panels.

Go ahead and remove the jambs and clean up the window area. The window should look unfinished.

5. Flush and Insulate

With the window area now cleaned, block out the jamb with wood until it’s flush with brick veneer. Then add insulation to the frame opening between the sheathing and the back of the brick veneer. Once the jamb is flush, use screws and a screwdriver to secure the new window.

If you’re unsure which window you may need, Avana Windows & Doors has a great selection, wonderful customer service to ensure you find the perfect window for your home and installation. Removing and replacing a window is no easy task. Make sure to contact us today to get started. 281-645-5035

6. Seal and Complete

Inside the house, be sure to trim out the window and ensure that the window is completely sealed. On the outside, caulk the window to the brick veneer to make sure the new window is airtight. Your new window is complete!

Andersen Windows

Contact Us, Today.

If the task seems too difficult to do it yourself, you can count on Avana Windows & Doors to remove and replace aluminum windows in your home! Sometimes it’s better to leave it for the professionals.

Questions or concerns? Avana Windows is here for you. For over fifteen years, Avana Windows & Doors is proud to have led Texas in customer care, expertise, and quality service in window installation. To learn more about window installation, request a free consultation, or explore our selection of esteemed window brands. 281-972-8941. Learn how to remove aluminum windows and more, by visiting the blog.

Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows

Are you wondering about the differences in vinyl vs fiberglass windows? Look no further! Windows are an important part of any home. Although simple in concept, there are a lot of different window options, from different sizes to different materials. Two of the most popular types of windows for homeowners are vinyl and fiberglass windows—but what are they exactly, and which window seems best? Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors to learn about the pros and cons of both windows.

Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows: The Truth

The Differences

Vinyl windows are a popular window type that emerged in the 1990s. The window is made up of PVC, which is a type of plastic and requires little maintenance. Fiberglass windows, on the other hand, are made up of polyester and can be made into any size, but shapes are a challenge and may have to default to a matching alternative. Both vinyl and fiberglass windows are strong, water-resistant, and easy to maintain in comparison to traditional wood windows. Wood windows require much more maintenance to prevent paint chipping and dirt accumulation


While both vinyl and fiberglass windows are considerably cheaper than traditional wood windows, vinyl windows are slightly more affordable than fiberglass. On average, standard vinyl windows are ten to thirty percent cheaper than fiberglass. Although this might be a small percentage, affordability goes a long way, especially when doing a large remodeling project. Window installation services, such as Avana Windows & Doors, offers a wide selection of windows at great prices for any homeowner interested in remodeling.

Strength and stability

Although fiberglass windows are slightly more expensive, fiberglass is much more durable and stronger than vinyl windows. Even though both windows are made up of plastic, fiberglass windows are reinforced with glass fibers, making it much more durable and heat resistant. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are not nearly as strong and can have the frame warped by the sun on hot summer days. Fiberglass windows also tend to last longer than vinyl. Both types of windows, however, do not provide any structural support of any kind. Call us today to learn more about the vinyl vs fiberglass window options that we have available for your home. 281-853-8349

Energy efficiency

Both fiberglass and vinyl are very good insulators and have good temperature control, but fiberglass windows are more energy-efficient—about 15% more efficient than vinyl windows. Fiberglass windows are also more eco-friendly as they are made from recycled glass and don’t release harmful fumes if melted. Vinyl, on the other hand, releases harmful fumes during production and in a fire.

Window installation

Windows are not the easiest DIY project for the typical home. If a power drill, hammer, and tape measure are handy and you know how to remove a window, then you may be able to install vinyl windows all on your own. However, fiberglass windows are a different story—fiberglass requires great precision, as the windows are specifically made and the frame is very rigid.

Some fiberglass companies are hesitant to sell directly to homeowners and can void the warranty if installed by non-approved contractors such as the average homeowner. While expert window installation services are recommended for any type of window replacement, it is even more crucial for fiberglass windows. Fortunately, window installation experts at Avana Windows & Doors offer free in-home consultations as well as free estimates and quotes. We have a large selection of window brands that you can choose from.

Contact us today

If you have any questions about window installation and its pricing, Avana Windows & Doors is ready to help. Family owned and operated since 2005, Avana Windows prides itself with a selection of reputable brands, excellent customer care, and careful and reliable installation done by industry-leading professionals. To request a free consultation and quote, contact us today. For more about vinyl vs fiberglass windows and related content, visit our blog.

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Casement vs Double Hung Windows

Double Hung vs Casement Windows

What is the big mystery behind casement windows vs double hung windows? First, we’ll walk you through the physical attributes of each window type, then we will cover the pros and cons. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors for the inside scoop on casement vs double hung windows for your home.

1. Double Hung Replacement Windows

The double-hung window moves up & down in a frame. But in most cases, the upper sash is stationary while the lower sash moves up & down. Usually, the upper sash can be moved up and down when needed but it is not necessarily a common function in double-hung windows. This kind of window also has a horizontal bar or meeting rail at the center. Usually, the horizontal bar will be placed at eye level. Ultimately, this may get in the way of your view of the outdoors all dependent on the location of the window.

This multi-purpose window is a classic, traditional style that perfectly complements older model homes. Most people choose double-hung windows in houses with a cottage design or in newer houses that want the resemblance. You can check out other window materials for your home as well.

Benefits of double-hung windows

· More affordable than its counterpart
· Easy to open due to the spring-loaded balance system
· Failure rate is lower than casement replacement windows
· Flexible design goes well with most home styles, especially in older homes
· Accommodates window A/C units
· Low maintenance needed
· Less mechanical failure in single double hung windows
· Lasts longer than other window options


· Difficult to clean the sashes on the outside of the window
· Maybe a little difficult to reach
· Condition may be an issue in the lower sash if it refuses to stay up

Casement Replacement Windows

Casement windows come with a handle that folds down, which makes it easy to open and close. To open the window, simply open the lever lock and rotate the handle. The window will open at a ninety-degree angle and will keep the interior of the home clean from the outside because of the screen.

Typically, these windows are installed in modern homes with a contemporary style design. Casement windows are also popular with ranch style homes. You can contact a window replacement expert for more information.

Benefits of casement windows

· Limit airflow into your home
· Unique look that adds a modern clean style to any contemporary styled home
· No sash that divides the window like with the double-hung option
· Tight seal great for the efficiency of insulation
· Made to stop air leaks when the window is closed
· Great for temperature control by keeping ac and heating inside the home
· Extremely easy windows for closing and opening; ideal for older homeowners that have trouble with windows that get stuck


· Subject to mechanical failure – the crank is usually the first part that fails.
· Cost 10% more when compared to double-hung windows
· May need to install a more expensive specialty unit; basic window a/c units won’t work
· May take some time to open & close casement windows at the same time
· Windows will loosen with time which inevitably lets more air into the home

Choosing Casement Windows VS Double Hung

There are many factors to consider when choosing between casement vs double hung windows. The main benefits of both window types aside are as follow:

1. Cleaning

Modern double hung windows are easy to clean while older double hung windows are going to give you a hard time. Like contemporary double hung windows, casement windows are among the easiest to clean and maintain.

2. Aesthetic

50/50. As far as the aesthetic goes, the choice is subjective, and the design of your home plays a big factor. If you still cannot choose, then try mixing and matching!

3. Durability

Casement windows may weather much faster because they are more exposed to wind and rain once they are open. The double hung window frame reduces their exposure to weather. Ultimately, this means that double hung windows take the cake!

4. Tight seal

Both window types are great choices if tight seals matter to you. Since older double hung windows allow air to easily make its way in the home, you may need to replace them with modern and updated versions. Modern double hung windows won’t let air in your house as easily. On the other hand, casement windows have tight seals whenever they are closed.

5. Energy efficient

The tighter the seal, the more energy-efficient a window will be. Casement windows have an airtight seal when locked, while double-hung windows fit nicely in the window frame, limiting air infiltration.

Contact a Window Replacement Expert

Whether you choose casement windows, double-hung windows, or both, Avana Windows & Doors has you covered. We have a large selection of window options in Houston and Corpus Christi. Contact our team of window replacement specialists to get started on your project right now. Check out other window types for your home. Visit the blog for more.

How to Replace a Window In Your Home

How Do You Replace A Window In Your home?

How to replace a window? For many homeowners, maintenance projects such as painting a room or fixing a faucet can be done independently and with ease. However, not every home maintenance job is easy—some, such as a window replacement, require a lot of time, tools, and patience. Before you decide to take on the challenge of replacing your windows, here’s what you need to know.  

how do you replace windows

Will You Need Full Frame or Insert Windows?

First thing’s first is determining what kind of window you need. There are two kinds of replacement windows: full-frame windows and insert windows. Insert windows replace the sash (the part of the window that moves) while still keeping the entirety of the window frame in place. 

Full frame windows replace the entire window, including the house frame, and typically require more time for completion than insert windows. More than likely, you need an insert window replacement, as the full-frame windows are for new-construction.  If you need assistance with your window replacements, call an expert today. We service Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas. 281-645-5035

Safety Precautions

While replacing a window may be tricky, it can also be dangerous if you are unprepared. Although it can be done alone, it’s highly recommended to have a buddy help you during the project if you need it. Replacing a window requires the use of sharp, motorized tools and creates flying debris, so protective gloves and eyewear are highly recommended.  

Be aware that window sashes in older homes built before 1978 may contain lead paint, a highly toxic material used in many houses in the 20th century. It is hard to identify lead paint without a home testing kit, so if your home was built prior to 1978, contact a professional for assistance with removal. Fortunately, window installation services such as Avana Windows & Doors offers free in-home consultations as well as free estimates and quotes.   

window installations near me

What You Will Need

Window replacement is an expert-level task, requiring a whole list of tools, materials, and a lot of patience.  

1. Tools needed:

  • Tape measure 
  • Utility knife 
  • Pry bar 
  • Circular saw 
  • Cordless drill and bits 
  • Ladder (either a two-foot or six-foot ladder work; depends on where your window is located) 
  • Caulk gun 

2. Materials needed:

Steps for Replacing a Window in Your Home 

1. Window measurements

Needed: tape measure 

Before purchasing a replacement window and beginning the window replacement process, the width and height of the old window need to be measured with a tape measure. This is to ensure the replacement window will fit in the frame correctly. You will need to measure the top, middle, and bottom parts of the window for its width and height while inside the house. 

  • For the width: grabbing the measuring tape, the width of the window from the left jamb (the window’s side post) to the right jamb at the top, middle, and bottom. You want to open the window and measure the stashes that hold the window in place, not the stops (thin strips on the interior window that are parallel with the stashes) that hold the stash in place. Your smallest measurement is your truest measurement. 
  • For the height: using the measuring tape, measure the height of the window from the windowsill to the head jamb. You’ll want to measure the windowsill to the head jamb on the left, center, and right sides. Your smallest measurement is your truest measurement. 

Be sure your window is completely measured before purchasing the replacement window.  There are many different types of replacement windows such as wood cladvinylfiberglasscomposite, and aluminum windows. If you are unsure which window to purchase, seek a professional or visit a windows installation service, such as Avana Windows & Doors, for advice. 

2. Out with the old

Needed: utility knife, pry bar 

Using the utility knife, score (cut) along with the stops and trim on the window to remove any paint between the frame and stops and trim. Once the trim is removed and the gaps are visible between the stops and the window frame, switch over the pry bar to carefully remove the interior stops. Do not destroy the interior stops—put them aside as they can be used for later. 

3. Remove the inside & outside sash

Needed: utility knife, saw 

If your home is newer, the inside sash should slide out easily. If your home is older and the window is old, there may be a chain or cord connecting the sash to a weight. If there is a weight: cut the cords of the weight with the utility knife and let the weight fall into the well. Then slide out the inside sash. 

After removing the inside sash, locate the parting stops and remove them. Then, remove the outside sash by sliding it down to the bottom part of the window frame. Do not remove the exterior stops.  If you can’t remove the stops, a saw will be needed to remove them from the frame. 

4. Cleaning up the window frame

Needed: wood filler, utility knife 

After removing the interior and parting stops and the inside and outside sash, clean up the remaining window frame with wood filler. Scrape away any remaining paint and allow the wood filler to dry for at least 15 minutes.  

  • If your window had a weight in it, fill with spray foam insulation to cover it up. 
  • Keep an eye out for rotting wood. If there is rotting or crumbling wood, a professional will be needed to create a new window frame. 

5. Does the replacement window fit?

Needed: a buddy, shims 

After allowing the wood filler and insulation to dry, it’s time to see if the replacement window will fit. If you are unable to lift the window on your own, have a buddy help you. The window should fit in the frame, with a ½ to a ¾ inch gap. If the window is too small or too big, return it if possible and purchase another. Make sure the sill is level; if it’s not, use shims to help level the sill.  

6. Caulk it up

Needed: caulk gun, caulk, shims 

After determining that the window will fit, apply 3/8 inch thick caulk around the top of the frame, on the exterior stops, and as well along the sill. Then, place the window in the window frame against the interior and firmly on the caulk. Use shims if the window doesn’t feel secure.  

7. Replace the interior window stops

Needed: interior stops and finished nails 

Put one of the interior stops in its place and use finished nails on the top, bottom, and middle of the stop to prevent it from moving. Repeat the process for the other side of the window and the other interior stop. 

8. Finishing touches

Needed: foam insulation 

Head back outside after installing the screws and apply foam insulation to cover any gaps between the window and the window frame. Be sure to not caulk the gap between the jambs and the sashes, or the window won’t open. Now your window is ready! 

Do You Need Replacement Window Services?

If you have any questions about window installation and its pricing, Avana Windows & Doors is ready to help. Family owned and operated since 2005, Avana Windows & Doors prides itself with a selection of reputable window brands, excellent customer care, and careful and reliable installation done by industry-leading professionals.

To request a free in-home consultation and quote, contact the window experts right now. For more related content be sure to visit the blog

Best Gulf Coast Hurricane Proof Windows for Your Home

Hurricane winds

Interested in learning about the best hurricane proof windows to protect your home during the hurricane season? Texans and those living along the Gulf Coast are no strangers to the devastation that hurricanes can bring. We have shown the world that we take care of one another during a catastrophe. In addition to taking care of one another, we must prepare our homes for the worst. Follow along with Avana Windows & Doors

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Hurricane season began on June 1st and will continue to run until November 30th. Some hurricane seasons have spared us more than others, but regardless of what is hoped for- it is essential to be prepared for the worst. Whether you live right by the water on the coast or in southern suburbia, it’s essential to know how to prepare for a hurricane season in Texas.

Tips to Hurricane Proof Your Home this Season

In this post, we have accumulated 12 life-saving ways to ensure that you and your home are prepared and protected this hurricane season.

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